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For inquiries regarding perusal scores, performance materials, and rights for any piece, please contact me using the contact form or at my email.

Large Ensemble (8+)

Rusted Moon

concert band (Gr. 3) - c. 5'

Opus Modernum

wind ensemble - c.16'

coming soon

Identity Rupture

wind ensemble - c. 5'

commissioned by Bowling Green State University 

recording   purchase

Morning Jaunt

woodwind ensemble

written for Clayton High School
premiere Spring 2023

If I Must Go

for SATB chorus - c. 4'

Fuse, Charge, Break

orchestra - c. 6'

written for the 2022 BGSU Toledo Symphony reading session

score video   perusal score

Nodus Tollens

orchestra - c. 12'

commissioned by the Metropolitan Orchestra of St. Louis

Winner of the 2020 ASCAP Rudolf Nissim Prize

recording   perusal score

Chandelier Reflections

chamber orchestra - c. 9'

written for the Eastman Graduate Composers' Sinfonietta

Winner of the Lowell Chamber Orchestra 2023 Call for Scores

recording   perusal score

There Will Come Soft Rains

horn octet - c. 7'

written for the BGSU Horn Choir

recording   perusal score   purchase


Growing Pains

sax quartet (SATB) - c. 4'

Lost in Conversations

alto sax, tenor sax - c. 10'

consortium led by Duo Nephele

(Chris Murphy and Lindsey Welp)



alto sax, bari sax - c. 6'

written for the Plauger/Klauss Duo call for proposals

recording   perusal score

Cradle to Crypt

soprano sax, percussion -
c. 6'

written for Erin Roger and Chris Graham of Hypercube in collaboration with Charlotte New Music

recording   perusal score


flute, clarinet, violin, cello -
c. 7'


flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, piano - c. 7'

written for participants at Fresh Inc Festival and members of Fifth House Ensemble, commissioned by the Steven R. Gerber Trust



flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, cello - c. 7'

written for the inaugural 2020 zFestival

score video

In Love With a Lake

flute, oboe, contrabass, mezzo-soprano, piano - c. 5'

written for Newphonia



clarinet, violin, cello, piano, fixed media - c. 7'

written for the Collaborative Composition Initiative workshop (CCI) with Unheard-of//Ensemble


The Little White Bird

2 cellos, 2 pianos - c. 8'

written for Quarteto Raro


Human Becoming

2 percussion, 2 pianos, fixed media - c. 10'

Summer Invocation

string quartet - c. 4'

written for my wife, Sophie Browning


No Unsacred Spaces

string quartet - c. 5'


string quartet - c. 6'

Solo (+piano)


flute - c. 6'

premiered by Zachary Hicks

performed at the 2021 SCI National Conference

score video   purchase

Citrus Twist

clarinet, piano - c. 8'

commissioned by Gretchen Hill with support from the University of Wisconsin - Madison


horn - c. 10'

written for Andrew Pelletier

premiered at the 2021 International Horn Symposium

recording   purchase


horn, piano - c. 8'

written for Andrew Pelletier - premiere Spring 2023

recording   purchase


contrabass, piano - c. 7'

written for Adam Har-zvi and Eva Panagou
premiere Spring 2023


amplified contrabass, fixed media - c. 9'

written for Phil Sgambelluri (rev. 2019)

score video   perusal score


piano - c. 7'

written for Allen Teyvel

performed during the 2021 Earth Day Art Model

score video   perusal score   purchase

A Monody of Gerhard Richter

piano - c. 11'

premiered by Kathleen Baker

performed by Daniel Anastasio at the 2020 SCI Region VI Conference

recording   perusal score


O nobilissima viriditas

voice, live electronics - c. 2'

written for Leah Tracy as part of Praecepta's annual 24x24 event

recording   download score   download Max 8 patch


cello, live electronics - c. 3'

written for Issei Herr as part of the Collaborative Composition Initiative workshop (CCI) with Unheard-of//Ensemble

recording   download score   download Max 8 patch


trumpet - c. 20"

solo miniature

download score

Anywhere in Time

piano - c. 1'30"

solo miniature

download score


piano - open duration

solo miniature

download score

Fixed Media (speaker pieces)


8-channel ring - 7'11"


generative Max patch (stereo) - c. 2'30"

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